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The founders of Guanaquitas Street food come from a family that has dedicated more than 20 years to culinary art, offering our services as chefs to large chains of restaurants of different cultures.

In 2017, we decided to partner with and establish a food company in Dallas, Texas, to offer our experience and a culinary alternative that combines quality and warm service.


Our dishes will be based on corn, the typical and common element of Latin cuisine, adding to the original recipes a fusion of colors and flavors with other ingredients and products from other cultures, which will be exported from their countries of origin, so that this offer satisfies the demands and expectations of different segments of diners.


Being a restaurant that offers quality dishes, made with the best and freshest ingredients, prepared with great dedication and originality, providing the best service to our customers, share this experience and culinary identity with clients from different cultures and transport through their palates to this places of Latin origin.

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